5 Four Different Seperated Properties And Uses Currencies Of Trove

One of Trion Worlds’ Sandbox MMO game that fulled with voxel-based landscape is Trove. Players choose from more than an unique currency – like flux.

Currency is split into four forms. These currencies have glaringly different properties and uses, and are very seperate from one another.

The first currency is Flux, and while not officially a currency, it is the currency of the typical Trovian, as this is what you’ll use to trade with other players. This will also allow you to forge up your gear, along with other materials found later in the game.

The second currency is Glim, and is rarely used by players, but almost entirely by Pirrots in the Treasure Isles. You get this while going around the world, defeating enemies, or doing dungeons. Use this to trade with shops in Treasure isles and the hub world. This will allow you to buy various Mounts, Sails, and Allies.

The third currency is 100% store exclusive Cubits. Cubits are the golden coin, which are obtained by completing objectives in the Golden Thread, and by completing your daily Star Bar. You get these by raising your mastery level and completing tutorial challenges.

The second currency is Credits and it’s a currency you get by spending real world money outside of the game. You can unlock classes and buy several things from the in-game shop.

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