3 Three Best Trove Class For You To Choose From

The free to play MMO Trove is coming to the Xbox One. Trove is a blocky MMO with a focus on dungeon crawling. Trove is aesthetically similar to the now abandoned Cube World, and it’s been available on the PC for a year now. It’s an enjoyable game that’s easy to pick up and play during some slow days.

There are 15 classes can be chose from Trove: Dino Tamer, Chloromancer, the Revenant, Lunar Lancer, Tomb Raiser, Boomeranger, Pirate Captain, Shadow Hunter, Ice Sage, Candy Barbarian, Neon Ninja, Dracolyte, Fae Trickster, Gunslinger, Knight. Many players are wondering which class to make their main one.

Shadow Hunter: The strongest offensive class currently and can even 1 hit the normal DOTM with its ultimate skill. However there is talk about the class needing a debuff and it will probably happen. The new gem ability maxes out its attack speed and is the most OP class currently till it gets nerfed.

Boomeranger: A very good class with all around good skills. Not nearly as much dps as the Shadow Hunter but it has a great aoe on the main skill. Also the Gem ability makes the bomb spawn chickens every detonation. This is the best class for crowd control.

Tomb Raiser: The best tank in the game. This class spawns infinite meat shields and with the additions of gems the classes health can skyrocket.

What’s your opinions about this question? Tell us below the comment section. If you need Flux while playing in Trove, you can buy Trove Flux on U4GM.


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